Infinity fluids 062713-6433ULTRA CENTAX Process Heaters - Power, Form, Function and Economy

Infinity Fluids has produced and patented the first non-contact, rapid-response electric heater available. The new CENTAX heater combines power, economy and simplicity to make your most challenging applications or processes more efficient and cost effective.

All CENTAX heaters provide the most compact, econimical and powerful solution in the heating of moving fluids, including liquids, gases. The Centax heater is used in everything from food preparation to military and space applications.


Infinity fluids 062713-6431

Benefits and Features


  • Ultra compact size and weight
  • No water quality requirements; straight tap water to pure DI water
  • Significantly reduce the size of your equipment with our new technology, while decreasing the overall weight at the same time
  • Simplistic design to implant into existing or new process or equipment
  • No more wasting power with "Stand-by Idling"
  • Save money; the CENTAX is typically 50-75% less expensive than comparable heaters
  • Simple element removal for inspection and cleaning

Infinity fluids 062713-6399Specifications

  • Compact heaters from 100 watts to 250kW
  • All stainless steel construction standard
  • Process temperatures to 600° C (1200° F)
  • Atmospheric and Ultra-High operating pressures
  • No booster pumps required
  • Optional finishes, polished, passivated for clean duty applications
  • Custom sizing and designs for all processes
  • All standard sensors available, type K standard

Infinity fluids 062713-6449Applications

  • All water & liquid heating applications
  • All air & gas heating applications
  • CIP system heating
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Steam reformation/steam reform
  • Fuel cell heating and preheating
  • Printing, cleaning, pharmaceutical, bio-tech,sterilization and plastics
  • Purification
  • Humidity generation
  • Metal, poly and ceramic parts cleaning