Instant Steam Generation - Only from Infinity

Infinity has patented the only instant steam generator available. No more using your incredibly oversized boiler to power a small process across the plant wasting thousands of dollars a year on fuel and plumbing costs. With the new Infinity In Line Steam Generator, customize your process with the Point-of-Use convenience Only Infinity can supply. From 1 lb/hr - 1,000 lbs/hr, the Infinity In Line Steam Generator is perfect for improving or creating efficiency, convenience and cost savings for any equipment or process.

InfinityFluids 040214 2479Benefits and Features

  • Ultra compact size and weight
  • Clean, non-porous stainless steel elements
    No concern of degradation, stream contamination with carbon steel or porous electrified elements
  • No water quality requirements, straight tap water to pure DI/RO water
  • Significantly reduce the size of your equipment with our new technology, while decreasing the overall weight at the same time
  • Reduce the power requirements of your process by 30-40%
  • No more wasting power with "Stand-by Idling"
  • SAVE MONEY, the CRES-SG is typically 40-50% less expensive than customary boilers/steam generators
  • Simple element removal for inspection and cleaning


  • Compact heaters from 250 watts to 250kW
  • All stainless steel construction standard
  • Process temperatures from 600° C (1200° F)
  • Atmospheric and high operating pressures
  • No booster pumps required
  • Optional finishes, electro-polished, passivated and bright annealed for pure clean steam
  • Custom sizing and designs for all processes
  • Standard type k t/c or 100Ω Plat RTD avail

InfinityFluids 040214-2435 nwApplications

  • Food preparation equipment
  • Steam reformation
  • Fuel cell heating and preheating
  • Printing, cleaning, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, sterilization and plastics industries
  • Purification
  • Humidity generation
  • Metal, poly, and ceramic parts cleaning